BroadconX VoIP Phones and Devices


Unified Communication VoIP Phones and Devices


BroadconX VoIP Phones and Devices


Communicate Anytime, Anywhere with Ease



BroadconX provides a wide selection of VoIP phones and devices to meet every business communication need. And you can integrate your iPhone or Android mobile phone with our systems. In addition, if you are currently using a Mitel or Cisco phone system we may be able to use your existing phones on our UC system. Call us to learn more about our VoIP telephone migration process, which can help you lower your initial upfront costs.




BroadconX VoIP Phones and Devices


VoIP Phones to Meet Every Business Need

  • Available in 16, 24 and 48 buttons, with LCD display
  • Programmable for one-touch access to advanced features
  • Slimline phones available for lobby or condensed spaces
  • The executive phone provides a 7″ LCD touchscreen display
  • Bluetooth and headset compatible



BroadconX HD Video


You Bring the Computer, We’ll Bring The HD Video

  • Collaborate with ease using high-definition video, audio web conferencing service
  • Host meetings with up to 500 users at one time
  • Share applications and documents real-time
  • 25 user conferencing package provided FREE with the base system 



BroadconX VoIP Phones and Devices


Stay Mobile with SoftPhone Client Software

  • Compatible with Apple IOS and Android Smartphones
  • Windows compatible integrates with Office 365, Salesforce, Outlook…and many more applications
  • Mobile clients leverage Wi-Fi access when cellular network is unavailable, access your phone system anytime, anywhere from any location. 



Wireless VoIP Phones


Stay Flexible and Move Freely within Your Workplace

  • No wires or jacks
  • Perfect for retail stores and warehouses
  • Combines mobility with enhanced feature functionality 




BroadconX VoIP Phones and Devices


Enhance Your Call Handling with These Simple Accessories

  • Bluetooth compatible headsets
  • Wireless handsets
  • 96 button sidecars for faster call processing
  • Paging integration for external paging systems